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Dog Training

We are happy to announce that we now open and allowed to run puppy and dog training lessons.
All Covid-19 prevention and mitigation rules, as per the Animal Behaviour and Dog training Sector guidelines, will be adhered to.

Please email tersha@happypack.co.za for more information on the classes available.
Please state the age of your dog, when sending your requests.


Happy pack dog training

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Doggo Genius I

Our next course will start Thursday 21 January 2021.

The training offered is ideal for pups and dogs who have not been trained before and are older than 6 months. Dogs should start from 10 weeks of age, see our Puppy Socialisation page for this info. If your dog is over 6 months and has had no prior training then this is the course for you and your dog. We cover basic home obedience plus various other management exercises.

You will also learn how to effectively use positive reinforcement by cueing and marking behaviours you want at the school and learning to carry out the exercises at home. When we use positive reinforcement to manage behaviour, we need to focus on what the dog is doing right and redirect unwanted behaviours. This course is aimed at home obedience and helping you to better understand your dog by becoming a informed owner.

Linksfield: The Links Bridge Club, 147 10th Street, Linksfield.