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About Happy Pack Dog Training

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Happy Pack specialises in puppy socialisation, dog training and behaviour management. All our trainers have studied the science behind dog training and behaviour. Very few schools’ trainers are this well studied. This gives you the peace of mind that our advice is sound and well-founded, based on force free and positive reinforcement methods. We need to guide our dogs as to what is right from wrong without dampening the dog’s enthusiasm for life. By understanding dog behaviour, you can prevent behavioural problems from occurring. Prevention is better than cure.

Obedience is the foundation of training here at Happy Pack. Teaching focus and cooperation skills helps dog owners to manage their dogs better. If we do not teach our dogs what we want them to do, they usually learn to do the wrong things. They do not know that they should not chew our slippers or nibble at our toes. Remember that they are animals that need to fit into our homes. Dogs have many natural behaviours which owners may find annoying so it’s of paramount importance that we teach them how to behave.

The most important exercises we can teach our dogs is to sit, focus and to come when called. Most of the exercises taught in obedience helps dogs to calm down. Why? It helps us to manage our dogs better. A sit, a down, a stay etc all help to instil calmer behaviours. Dogs need to learn impulse control and self-control in our homes. Owning a dog is a challenge however, it is one of the most rewarding relationships a person can encounter. So many dogs are relinquished to shelters simply because the owner has not been able to manage the dog and that is why training your dog is so important.

About Me

My qualifications:

 Advanced Diploma: Canine Behaviour Management(Distinction)(UK) 
Certificate: Canine Communications – Basic Training and Behaviour 
Diploma: SADTC – Obedience Instructor 

I have accreditation with the following organisations:

Certified Super Pup Instructor – G1405/38
Registered Companion Animal Behaviourist – AB/036 – SABCAP
Registered Dog Training Practitioner – DT/016 – SABCAP
Professional Dog Trainer – Pet Professional Guild for Force Free Trainers

I keep abreast of new developments in the industry and have attended the follow seminars and workshops:

ABC – Talk – The Effect of Diet on Behaviour 2014 – Karin Pienaar
ABC – Talk – The Will to Please – Fact or Fiction 2014 – Shannon McKay
ABC – Talk – Leash Reactivity 2014 – Louise Thompson
ABIG Conference on Fear and Anxiety 2014
Loose Lead Walking – Pet Professional Guild 2014
Clicker Training for Small Animals – Pet Professional Guild 2014
Separation Anxiety – Pet Professional Guild 2014
First Aid Course for Pet Owners – 2013
Canine Cognition – Pet Professional Guild 2013
Tellington Touch Workshop 2011

Organisational support:

Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA – Committee member Events Coordinator
Beagle Association – Committee member
Top Dogs Therapy Dogs – Dog Assessor
Top Dogs Therapy Dogs  – Volunteer with Timmy my Dachshund X 


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