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About Happy Pack Dog Training

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Happy Pack specialises in puppy development, dog training and behaviour management. All our trainers have studied the science behind dog training and behaviour. Very few schools’ trainers are this well studied. This gives you the peace of mind that our advice is sound and well-founded, based on force-free and humane training methods.

We need to guide our dogs as to what is right from wrong without dampening the dog’s enthusiasm for life. By understanding dog behaviour, you can prevent behavioural problems from occurring. Prevention is better than cure.

We focus on each pup and his/her owner as individuals and personalise the training accordingly. Our classes are very comprehensive and goal driven, no puppy gets left behind. We assist owners to build a solid foundation of communication and bonding for future training in a safe, positive and low-stress environment.

Our classes focus on basic obedience, life skills and co-operation skills. Our teaching goes beyond sits and downs, helping you to apply the behaviours you’ve taught your puppy. We equip puppies with the skills to live in our world, but we also need to remember that we should allow them to be dogs.

When our puppies turn into teenagers, a new set of skills are needed by the pup as well as his or her owner. The Doggo Genius class focuses on these new challenges you’ll face. In our classes for older dogs we help dogs and their owners avoid and manage the bouts of reactivity teenage dogs often exhibit. Making sure our clients have the skills and knowledge to teach their dogs to make good and safe decisions.

Any dog, of any age can learn and can be trained. We offer the Doggo Genius classes for social adult dogs as well. Specialised training and behaviour modification are offered through 1-1 training sessions

About Me

Qualified in:

Canine behaviour and training
Advanced Clicker Training
Canine First Aid
Puppy development & training

Experienced in:

Canine Behavioural Rehabilitation
Canine Post Trauma Rehabilitation
Tellington Touch
Hand rearing and raising puppies
Behaviour Adjustment Therapy
Scent work

Ongoing education:

Mindfulness Practitioner training
CBT Practitioner (including REPT)


Internationally certified through the IMDT (knowledge assessed)