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Puppy Socialisation – Puppy Genius I and Puppy Genius II courses

We are happy to announce that we now open and allowed to run puppy and dog training lessons.
All Covid-19 prevention and mitigation rules, as per the Animal Behaviour and Dog training Sector guidelines, will be adhered to.

Please email tersha@happypack.co.za for more information on the classes available.
Please state the age of your dog, when sending your requests.


Happy pack puppy socialisation

We run classes on Sundays and Thursdays in Linksfield from The Links Bridge Club, 147 10th Street, Linksfield.

Linksfield: The Links Bridge Club, 147 10th Street, Linksfield.

Our courses are comprehensive and include introducing pup to basic obedience exercises such a sit, down, stand, watch, to come when called, intro to heel work and stay. We also help you manage other behaviours such as house training, dealing with jumping, inappropriate digging or chewing and nipping.

We help you to manage your pup’s behaviour with the inclusion of the these exercises:

  • Loose Lead walking
  • Bite Inhibition
  • Food Bowl exercises
  • Leave
  • Swap
  • Handling
  • Management of food rewards

Once your pup has completed Puppy One Course, you can enroll in the Puppy Two Course. This course improves the basic obedience exercises introduced in Puppy One. We also work quite a bit on walking your dog, mat work and impulse control. This course requires previous puppy training.

Should you want to join our classes, please contact us – see the contact page.

Puppy Socialisation

Happy pack puppy training
Happy pack socialisation
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