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Puppy Genius Classes

• Saturday and Sunday mornings
• 3 consecutive, 1-hour long classes –>  Break –> Last 3 classes of the course.   (We usually take a break around the end of each month).
• Puppies aged from 9-weeks

Our puppy genius classes are comprehensive, goal-driven classes taught at a secure location. We use force-free and low-stress methods to teach both puppies and their humans. When puppies finish the course, they leave being able to do all the basics. Their owners leave with the information they need to navigate the development stages and behaviours of a baby dog.

We cover teaching the following behaviours; sit, down, watch, stand, wait, loose leash walking, snatching treats, preventing food guarding, recalls, jumping up and polite social skills towards other puppies and humans, confidence-building and scent work. 

Our training guides cover potty training, chewing, excessive barking and enrichment to keep your puppy busy and mentally stimulated as well as guidance if you are raising two puppies of the same age at the same time.

Our courses are continuously updated with the latest relevant behaviour science information and training techniques. We use fun and creative activities to make learning memorable. When puppies have fun learning, they remember the training for longer and they are more enthusiastic to continue learning and spend time with their owners.

To enrol your puppy, or for more information send us an e-mail.


Puppy Genius Booster

• Duration 3-sessions
• Each class is one hour long on Sunday mornings

This class for puppies and owners who have finished their early socialisation class but would like to add more sessions to refine skills and behaviours. There are some fun extras involved in each class to build confidence, responsiveness and independence.

The Booster classes are ideal for owners who need a little extra support while raising their puppies or for first-time puppy owners.

The Doggo Genius course follows the Puppy Genius course, to assist owners through the adolescence phase of their dog’s development. It is also for social adult dogs who need guidance with obedience and life skills.

Puppy classes

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