5 sessions of private dog-training

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I have recently completed 5 sessions of private dog-training with Celia McCulla of Happy Pack Dog Training. Having previously been told (by my husband) that my dogs are “untrainable”, I was hoping that a few sessions may unleash some previously unforeseen aptitude. Celia, with patience and understanding, got us to master “sit’, “down”, and “stay” successfully. More than that, my dogs adored her. They were able to perform tasks that I had not believed them capable of (mainly “leave”). I attribute this to Celia’s kindness, flexibility and true command of dogs’ mental process.

She did not once make me feel guilty or inferior regarding my training inconsistencies or poor grasp of discipline; rather, she used my natural attitude and manner with my pets as an advantage. She did not criticise and was not once condescending. She was open to my scheduling conflicts and allowed us more time to work on concepts with which we struggled.

I can unequivocally recommend Celia to help with any other “untrainable” monsters. The stimulation and sense of achievement brought about by the sessions is definitely worthwhile for your dogs and yourself.

Dr KL Jacobs

February 7, 2017