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Hi Celia

I hope you and your happy pack are all well.

I’ve been meaning to send this mail for quite a while now, but since my experience with Shaka in the past few weeks, I just had to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and Vincent!

We started attending puppy classes about a year ago with Shaka when he was 8 weeks old. Shaka just loved the classes, especially the socialization. Being the owner of an Amstaff, I got my fair share of comments/opinions from fellow dog handlers, but you always made us feel welcomed, and encouraged fellow dog handlers to be open minded to this beautiful breed.

We stopped attending classes when Shaka was 8 months old. We now take Shaka to Huddle Park daily for walks, and people can’t stop commenting on what a wonderfully natured dog he is. He walks freely without his leash whilst in the park and socialises beautifully with all dogs, big and small, young and old and is especially good with kids.

I really do believe that the training and socialisation he received at Happy Pack Puppy School contributed to his nature and behavior in a huge way. I also feel that the way in which you train with reward, rather than fear, builds a character of love and gentleness, which as been another huge contributing factor to Shaka’s beautiful nature. The best part of it all is that the classes were fun and generally the fellow dog handlers were really nice and down to earth people, which made attending classes fun.

Thank you once again for the wonderful foundation you and Vincent helped us build in Shaka.

May 9, 2016