Puppy classes are great!

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I got my first puppy in April 2012, an adorable toy French poodle (Jamie). I looked for a trainer in my area and Celia was referred to me by a number of people so I figured I’d give her a try and see if I can at least get Jamie to sit – boy was I surprised by what Jamie learnt in class!

The puppy classes are great, Jamie loved every second of it and I’m so proud of my little girl every time I meet someone new I show off all the things she has learnt. Sitting now is second nature to her. Celia is great with the puppies, and even though there are a number of dogs in the class, every dog gets attention every week, and Celia works on problem areas with great success. Like any proud mom, I have Jamie’s graduation certificate on my wall and am happy to send any person I meet to Celia to have training.

After graduating from the puppy class Jamie then joined Celia’s dog school and nearly jumps out the window to say hello to Celia when we arrive. The dog classes are super, they take the obedience training that was started in puppy class to a much more advanced level. Thanks to Celia I have the cutest most well behaved little doggy.

Celia also goes the extra mile. I mentioned a few problems I was having with Jamie in her earlier puppy stages and Celia came to my house, did a full assessment on Jamie and gave me a report with steps to work in correcting every behavioural issue I was experiencing with Jamie, and after following all the step all problems were solved.

I can highly recommend Celia to any person with ANY dog. She is excellent at what she does and handles he work in such a professional manner it’s a pleasure to deal with her.


Loren Fisher

May 9, 2016