Strong passion for her work

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Celia was referred to me by someone on a local community forum when I advertised the need for training a toy breed dog.
This was by far the most successful referral for any service I have received this year.

Celia is extremely focused on her much so that I named her ‘The Dog Whisperer’. I felt the 6 x 30 minute sessions at my property were very reasonably priced @ R200 each as she travelled very punctually from her home to mine in the late afternoon traffic over a period of one month (she was extremely easy to secure appointments with; really professional in every aspect of her approach).

My maltese male who has just turned 2 was really stubborn and hardly ever listened to any member of the family. Perhaps the fact that he was adopted from SPCA at 8 months old meant that he had a non structured first few months in life? Popcorn definitely had bad attitude and Celia with her magical methods worked with him and my family very structurally until there was a break through. It was sad to see her go but I wish her all the best in her future work with dog behaviour. She certainly has a strong passion for her work; its easy to see!
My daughter who is only 7.5 y/o really enjoyed the training with Celia and now has a better idea how to command Popcorn and see the results. His attitude has certainly transformed now that Celia taught us how to teach him to listen to the commands. Taking him out on the leash for walks is now so much easier as well. My little girl is enjoying her pet much more!


May 9, 2016